The Last Chapter: Things I Wish I Knew

“The Last Chapter: Things I Wish I Knew,” is a series of in-depth conversations about end-of-life issues. The monthly program is designed for anyone wishing to address and discuss death and dying, including professionals, community members, families and caregivers. 

Deb Torres, LCSW, and Pam Pellizzari, BACOA’s memory programs director, will lead the conversations; topics will include:

  • Quality of life 
  • End-of-life and advanced care planning
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Family dynamics
  • Spirituality and creative arts 

The sessions will be offered live, via Zoom, on the third Monday of every month. When conditions become more favorable for group gatherings, we hope to be able to offer the program in person. 

For more information or to register, call Pam Pellizzari at (847) 881-0477. 


“The Last Chapter” is supported by a grant from the Barrington Area Community Foundation.