Age-Friendly Initiative

BACOA’s Age-Friendly Initiative is a coalition of local government, business, community and nonprofit
organizations, working together to ensure that the Barrington area is a
safe, livable and welcoming community for all ages.

The initiative was created in 2007, when the BACOA Board of Directors realized that the characteristics of its current service population – typically older, frailer seniors – will change significantly in the next decade, as the Baby Boom generation turns 65. Consequently, the services and other support they require will be different.

The current focus of the Age-Friendly Initiative’s Leadership Council is on volunteer opportunities
and workforce development for older adults. Among the initial programs that council has developed or is working on:

  • “Starting from the Middle” – A half-day workshop that focused on alternatives to full-time paid employment, targeted to people 50 years of age and older.
  • A survey of local nonprofits to help share information about volunteer opportunities for older adults, as well as about potential volunteers.

For more information on the Age-Friendly Initiative, please call BACOA at (847) 381-5030.

Age-Friendly Leadership Council Members:


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